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To original poster & anyone else who reads these message boards:

There are a few trolls that monitor this site for the express purpose of attacking & insulting anyone who dare post a complaint. Their tactics, verbiage, grammar, & spelling (or misspellings) are blatantly obvious. If they are not attacking & insulting, they are attempting to discredit an original poster by posting a follow up message, such as the one below, where they will "admit" wrongdoing & making it look like it came from the original poster. Don't take it personally. Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see through this scheme.

To the trolls: the gig is up! I sincerely hope you & yours live healthy, injury-free, problem-free lives because karma is one nasty B. When you do find yourself or someone you care about facing an illness, injury, personal harm, or have been wronged, remember this site and all your snarky, ignorant, & just plain *** remarks that you were so "quick-witted" to type out. There is a special place in h*ll for some of you.

Review about: Walgreens Store.



i think they are talking about ladyscott from naples fl and anonymous from north dakota they do not have love and compassion for anyone except themselves socielpaths

Vancouver, Washington, United States #707502

You are taking this way too seriously! There is even a BS button to push for complaints. And a comment section. What did you expect?


Troll McTroll

Head Troll

Trolls Unlimited

London, Paris, Madrid

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